Video: “March of King Laois” at David’s

My bagpipes are finally on fire!

It’s always exciting to do this and so much fun.

The next tune: “March of King Laois” is a slow march

When I started with Rapalje. we always spoke about a burning bagpipes

And with this song we build one with my neighbour from “Brons Motoren”. He helped me to get the things together. And, yeah, we did it!

We can not do it here inside. That’s why we’re going to our garden

And hopefully you enjoy the burning bagpipes!


Yours, David

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Video: The King of the Fairies

Also known as Bonny Charlie, Dance Of Love, The Fairies Selection,

Gradh Mo Chroidhe Do Shean Wig, King O’ The Fairies, King Of Fairies, King Of The Faeries, The King Of The Faeries, King Of The Fairies March, The King Of The Fairies, King William, King William Of Orange, King William’s, Prince William Of Orange, Rí Na Sideog, Set Dance, Setdance, Your Old Wig Is The Love Of My Heart.

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Video: “Loch Lomond” at David’s

Slowly darkness falls over my garden and the torches are lit.

From my balcony I watch until I can play.

“Loch Lomond” is a well-known Scottish traditional. We play it also, with our torches and the bagpipes

After the song we play “Farewell to the Creeks”. It’s standing in “The Scottish Guards”. It’s also a traditional Scottish tune.

We can not do it here inside. So we’re going back to the garden

Have fun watching this video! “Loch Lomond” at David’s

So, enjoy!, David

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Video: “The Jolly Beggar”

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Video: “Johnnie Cope – The Geese in the Bog – Turf Lodge” at David’s

The next song often comes right after the tunes we played for you last week,

because there is no need for us to change instruments and it’s a very upbeat song.

The song “Johnnie Cope”. Is one of the first songs we did with the bagpipes. It’s about John Cope. Sir John Cope. Who lost the battle with the Jacobites in 1745.

And after that we play two jigs: “The Geese in the Bog”. And after that: “Turf Lodge”

We hope you like it as much as we do!

Yours, David

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Video: “Loch Lomond” @ The Balver Höhle Irish Folk Festival

Rapalje is performing “The Crown and the Ring”

at The Balver Höhle Irish Folk Festival with Irish hardshoe step dancing from Jarno!

The Balve Cave is the biggest cultural cave in Europe. It is located in Balve, Germany.

And every year the Festspiele Balver Höhle organization is presenting the Balver Höhle Irish folk & Celtic Music Festival.

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Concert Preview – The Kilkennys & Rapalje

Rapalje komt na vele jaren weer terug naar de Groene Engel in Oss!

Voor dit unieke dubbelconcert op 8 juni 2018 zullen we samen optreden met onze vrienden uit Ierland: The Kilkennys. Tickets here

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Video: “Glen Coe – The Pumpkin’s Fancy – Crossing The Minch” at David’s Home

Welcome to my house!

These are my own favourite melodies, with which we often start our concerts.

“Glen Coe – The Pumpkin’s Fancy – Crossing The Minch” at David’s

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Celtic Folk Night – Valkenswaard

We are playing our Celtic Folk Night in Valkenswaard (NL) this saturday the 28th of april, will you join us? Tickets available here Continue reading “Celtic Folk Night – Valkenswaard”

Theater preview: Folk ‘n’ Roll Eindhoven

We will be playing our awesome Folk ‘n’ Roll show in Parktheater, Eindhoven (NL) on the 20th of April 2018, see you there? Tickets available here

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