TBT: Durf te dromen!

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TBT: Durf te dromen!


Today an old photograph from the time we still had to survive as street musicians!

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You still see them regularly: street musicians with a suitcase, plate, hat or basket in which you can make a donation as a reward for their efforts. We know that all too well, because over 20 years ago, Rapalje started just like that!

We had the top hat, and have even used it in our theatershow “Met de Billen Bloot”, but now as a prop. The reason we have kept the hat is because for us it is a symbol for the hard work we’ve done to get to where we are now and to not forget our roots. Dare to dream!

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Querido amigos "el soñar y creer firmemente en nuestros sueños va acompañado de talento, perseverancia y alegrìa"; ustedes lo han logrado con una mùsica infinitamente hermosa..que al menos a mi, me traslada a siglos pasados, Gracias por entregarnos años de perseverancia y talento..."me imagino que todos han sido siempre alegres" un abrazo desde el sur del mundo Chile...donde los sigo esperando