How to tune Maceál’s harmonica: Rapalje show episode 5

Welcome back to the Rapalje Show! We will show you how Maceál has his harmonica tuned as a preparation for recording our new album!

In the past few weeks, since the first episode of the Rapalje Show, many of you have asked about Maceál’s harmonica and how it is tuned. And now Maceál will show you how! This instrument is also called: melodeon, diatonic button accordeon or squeezebox.

We also introduce a new topic: ‘The Fan, Band or Festival T-shirt’. If you want to send us a t-shirt to wear on the Rapalje Show you can send it to:

p.a. Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 133
9714 AM  Groningen
The Netherlands

Maceál’s harmonica was tuned by:

Berend  Kok
Plantsoen 23
9367 PG De Wilp
0594 – 643347

The T-shirt Maceál is wearing was provided by Iduna, a music venue in the Netherlands:

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