Have you always wanted to belong to the Rapalje Clan?

Kilt Rapalje

As announced in the Rapalje Show of last Sunday, we are selling kilts for men and women at our Merchandise stall (see video)! Continue reading “Have you always wanted to belong to the Rapalje Clan?”

Under the kilt… CD Diamonds

This small and beautiful CD contains some of the most popular songs in our repertoire. Continue reading “Under the kilt… CD Diamonds”

Our DVD – a full concert with dance!

Do you know our DVD?

Live DVD (2008) Stereo and Dolby 5.1  PAL
You’ll receive this fantastic Live DVD with a beautiful linen bound book, with in it loads of pictures, all the lyrics and a lot of information about Rapalje. On the frontside there’s a gold embossed Rapalje logo. The book has 48 pages.
On the DVD there is a complete registration of a live concert with dance and a look behind the scenes of a Rapalje show. Subtitles in German and English.

Best of Rapalje; our Double Live CD!

CD Live Double Album

This double CD is full of all the songs that make the heart of every Rapalje fan beat faster!

Continue reading “Best of Rapalje; our Double Live CD!”

Rapalje Fyndlingh necklace with Gitouki back in stock!

rapalje fyndlingh coin gitouki

After the first 10 limited edition copies we now have the final version of our beautiful Gitouki Fyndlingh coin for you!

Svenja of LaFibula has made necklaces the night before  Zomerfolk so you can order them in our webshop or buy them at our performances. Do you have them all?

In this video William shows how Maceál changed, modified and ruined a perfectly fine guitar and it becomes a gitouki.