The pickpocket

Dieb started his 'career' in 1994 when he met Maceál in his local pub '1672'. They formed a band with some other musicians and played symphonic rock music. This music was soon changed into folkrock. After hearing some musicians in his local pub playing celtic folk music, the rock part was kicked out of the band and Dieb and Maceál started a duo called 'Ruk en Pluk'. Dieb tried to play the accordion and Maceál a guitar. Every time Dieb had a new instrument it had to be tested on the audience immediately. He already played a lot of different instruments and claims he can play any instrument except the trumpet. He will work on that too. When he was playing his violin 'The Cannon' at that time, he made so much noise that Maceál had to amplify his instruments.

So Dieb and Maceál put on a belted plaid and recorded the cassette 'Celtic Folk Music'. With a picture of Dieb and Maceál in kilt with a bagpipe and a harmonica wich didn't go together in tune at all. This gives an idea of how it must have sounded back then. Dieb practised more on fiddle, accordion and tin whistle. On the CD 'Alesia' You can hear his first attempt at playing the uillean pipes with 'Mo Ghile Mear'. Dieb is responsible for the clothing of the band and is also known as 'the painter'. He painted the cover of the CD 'Rakish Paddy', does all the graphic design for Rapalje and now the internet site.

Being the pickpocket of the band he could steal your wallet or your heart. In the German language Dieb means thief.

Dieb designed his own tartan for his kilt and so he has his own clan but is still the only clanmember. If you want to be part of his clan 'McTreashcaighn' simply make a kilt in his tartan. In clans you only have to wear the same pattern as your clanmembers, you can choose your own colours.

Dieb made movies

Also visit the site of Dieb's sister, who is an author. On this site, among other things, information about movies in which Dieb acted: